Documentation update history

The following updates have been made to the Hub and Interact product documentation:

Date updated Summary of update Help page

28 July 2022

Added information about Mail.Send for OAuth2 to the installation guide.

Initial Hub configuration and Troubleshoot a Hub installation

06 July 2022

Updated .NET Core version.

Hub software requirements and permissions and Interact software requirements and permissions

29 June 2022

Updated queue information.

RabbitMQ use in Hub and Interact, Uninstall Hub and Uninstall Interact.

16 June 2022

New! Help published for 4.6.To see all the help systems, click here.


New! Release notes for Hub and Interact.

Hub and Interact

New! Upgrade guidance for 4.5 to 4.6.

Upgrader tool

Updated installation guides for Hub and Interact.

Hub and Interact

Updated Decision installation guide to include the new Windows MSI.

Installing Blue Prism Decision

Updated ALM user guide.

Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Updated Control Room user guide.

Control Room

Updated Decision user guide.

Blue Prism Decision

Updated Interact Plugin user guide.

Interact plugin

Updated Interact web application user guide.


Updated Interact Web API Service user guide.

Interact Web API Service

Updated Hub administrators guide.


Updated third-party acknowledgments.

Third-party licenses and acknowledgments