Interact Web API Service

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This user guide covers SS&C | Blue Prism® Interact Web Application Programming Interface (API) Service.

SS&C | Blue Prism® Interact enables developers to create web-based forms that will allow a user to interact with automations, not just at the point of initialization but also during the process if a human is required to review progress, enabling a “human/Digital Worker collaboration” approach.

Information from Interact is added into a Blue Prism queue for processing by the Digital Worker. Blue Prism can then send updated information, dynamically, back to Interact. This way a user can review and act upon the processed data and participate in the automation process.

It is assumed as part of this guide that the user is familiar with the Blue Prism digital workforce and has experience with related components such as SS&C | Blue Prism® Hub and Blue Prism.


As a digital workforce expands the addressable use cases of an enterprise, there is a further need for Digital Workers and humans to collaborate in the end-to-end execution of a business process. In addition, innovative ways of assigning work to a digital workforce are required to provide flexibility on who can interact with the resource. Blue Prism Interact provides new and existing Blue Prism users with a collaboration interface for end users to interact with their digital workforce within a business process. Initiate, verify, receive and authorize varied work related to your business processes. Blue Prism Interact reduces the skill criteria required by allowing users to create dynamic web interfaces either by using the no-code form designer or using a Blue Prism Visual Business Object (VBO) to create forms based on the business process requirements.

Blue Prism Interact functionality is split across two Blue Prism components:

  • The Interact plugin within SS&C | Blue Prism® Hub – Enables a developer utilizing Hub and the Forms plugin to create and publish Forms for an end user to use.
  • The Interact web-based application – Provides the user interface where end users can, by utilizing published Forms, interact with the digital workforce.

The Interact end user interface is accessed via a web browser, negating the need for any locally installed software. Interact can be accessed as an internal web application or published externally.

This user guide covers the gathering of information from a Blue Prism queue and how the information can be updated and returned back to the Interact user interface after processing.

As well as detailing how to utilize the features of the Interact Web API Service, we will also demonstrate the functionality by stepping through an example process illustrating how Forms can be updated dynamically.


Version 2 of the Interact Remote API was introduced in Interact 4.6. This version of the API introduces new and updated actions which are detailed in this guide. To use these actions, the latest version of the Interact API Service release file must be imported into Blue Prism. For more information, see Configure Blue Prism to use Interact.

The Interact Remote API has limited compatibility with Active Directory security groups. Some of the user‑related actions in the Interact Remote API do not support security groups, but still support directly assigned users to Interact roles, including Active Directory users. For more information, see Overview of the web service actions.