Using Interact

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SS&C | Blue Prism® Interact consists of two key components:

  • The Interact web-based application used to enter information into forms, and submit or approve requests.
  • The Interact plugin within SS&C | Blue Prism® Hub. This includes the Forms plugin feature which is used to design and configure the forms that are seen within the Interact web-based application.

This guide outlines the functionality and usage of the Interact web-based application. For information on the Interact plugin, see the Interact plugin user guide.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is intended to be used by the end user of the Interact web application. It covers how to use Interact from a user's perspective.

About Interact

As a Digital Workforce expands the addressable use cases of an enterprise, there is a further need for Digital Workers and humans to collaborate in the end-to-end execution of a business process. In addition, innovative ways of assigning work to a Digital Workforce are required to provide flexibility on who can interact with the resource. Blue Prism Interact provides new and existing Blue Prism users with a collaboration interface for an end users interaction with their Digital Workforce within a business process. Initiate, verify, receive and authorize varied work related to your business processes. In addition, Blue Prism Interact reduces the skill criteria required by allowing users to create dynamic web interfaces either by using the no-code form designer or using a Blue Prism Visual Business Object (VBO) to create forms based on the business process requirements.

Blue Prism Interact functionality is split across two Blue Prism components; firstly, a developer utilizing Hub and the Forms plugin to create and publish Forms for an end user to utilize; secondly the end user interface where they can, by utilizing published Forms, interact with the Digital Workforce.

The Interact end user interface is accessed via a web browser, negating the need for any locally installed software. Interact can be accessed as an internal web application or published externally.

JavaScript must be enabled in your internet browser to use the full functionality of Interact.

Supported web browsers on client machines

The latest versions of the following web browsers are supported by Interact:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)

To enable Active Directory users to log into Interact using a Chrome or Edge browser, the browsers must be configured for Integrated Windows Authentication.

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are not supported.