Service Assist 2022.1: July 2022

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Blue Prism


This release of Service Assist is only compatible with this version of Blue Prism.



This release of Service Assist is only compatible with this version of TrustPortal.

Known issues

A list of any prominent issues with this release is maintained in the Blue Prism knowledge base – click here for more information.

Important notices

  • A valid Service Assist license file is required to activate the software. This will be provided by Blue Prism prior to installation based on purchase of licenses.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported in this version of Service Assist.

For more details, see Upgrade notices.

Blue Prism release notes

The release notes for the compatible Blue Prism versions are available here. Select the help system for the required Blue Prism version and then select the Release notes tile.

TrustPortal release notes

Feature summary

This release has focused on the following areas:

  • Enhanced flexibility to improve the user journey by displaying multiple forms in one overall page, which reduces advisors' time and increases their productivity.
  • Ability to enhance and adapt to the user journey across IVR, advisor chat, chatbot, voice recognition, and web self-service.

  • Simplified handover from digital workers to human advisors (for example, chatbot passing conversation tasks to advisors with full context and pre-fetch of information and tools to help.

  • Enhanced, resilient inter-process communication (IPC) queuing allowing multiple technologies to seamlessly integrate.

  • Enhanced embedding of all Service Assist capabilities in other systems (for example, CRM, ERP), with improved theming and bi-directional data exchange.

  • The TrustPortal User Management (TPUM) module is now part of the main product allowing administrators to associate virtual roles with tiles, forms, pages, and menu items, and then assign the roles directly to users.

  • Pre-built examples to significantly speed up the delivery of sophisticated customer-advisor scenarios.

Enhancements and fixes