Upgrade notices

Special considerations are required to upgrade from versions prior to those listed below. Please review the following notices according to the version of Service Assist which you are upgrading from.

For example, if a deployment currently running 2020.2 is being upgraded to 2022.1, it is essential that the information for upgrades for all versions in between is followed.

Upgrading from versions prior to 2022.1

New installation of TrustPortal services required

Service Assist 2022.1 requires a new installation of the TrustPortal services due to significant database schema and infrastructure changes. A direct upgrade from a previous version is no longer possible. Please contact your Blue Prism account manager for assistance.

Full backup recommended before upgrade

Please ensure you back up the following before upgrade:

  • Blue Prism database

  • TrustPortal server including the MySQL database and the /var/local directory.
  • TrustPortal configuration file (config.json) as this will contain information about connecting to your environment.

  • Any custom themes you may have created, icons used for tiles, and images used for backgrounds.

Database schema and infrastructure changes

Significant changes have been made to the database schema to improve performance and support new functionality. If you have accessed the previous database schema directly and need to reconfigure it for this version, please contact your Blue Prism account manager.

Service Assist 2022.1 supports a different infrastructure for high availability compared to the previous versions:

  • MYSQL database support: MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB 10 (non-resilient) and MySQL 8 InnoDB Cluster (resilient).
  • Redis support: Redis v6 (non-resilient), Redis v6 Enterprise Cluster (resilient).

  • Oracle database support (both resilient and non-resilient).

New license key required

Service Assist 2022.1 has a new licensing module so any previous license files will not be compatible with the new version. The new license file will be provided by Blue Prism prior to installation based on purchased licenses. Please contact your Blue Prism account manager if you need assistance.

VBOs backwards compatibility

Any processes created in previous versions will require the legacy VBOs to be imported to map them to the functionality in this release. The legacy VBOs are available for download from the Service Assist 2022.1 page on the Blue Prism Portal. All new processes should be configured to use the new VBOs. Please contact your Blue Prism account manager if you need assistance.

TrustPortal User Management (TPUM) module now embedded in the core product

The TrustPortal User Management (TPUM) module has been redesigned to be embedded in the core product, rather than being installed as a set of Blue Prism processes, and hence will no longer require a Blue Prism digital worker license.

Direct URL configuration changes

The Direct URL feature can only be configured using the [email protected] user (id 4). Any previously created Direct URL access tokens using different users, for example, “application_user”, must be recreated in order to work as expected. Any access tokens created via the Access Tokens VBO using an incorrect user will be set to "revoked".

TrustPortal Agent Registration utility removed

The TrustPortal Agent Registration utility has been removed due its limited functionality and increased size of the software download. TrustPortal Agent(s) must be registered using the TrustPortalAgent.exe setup command. Please contact your Blue Prism account manager for assistance.

Direct access to TrustPortal API

The only area in which TrustPortal supports direct API access (not through VBOs) is in the creation of queue items. For example, to send work items from digital channels such as ICR or chatbots.

Number of maximum allowed attempts for queue items must be increased

If the locking/unlocking queue items functionality has been used in previous versions, the number of maximum allowed attempts set for a queue item must be increased via the administrator user interface (Admin > Queues).

Date format must be updated

The date format within messages is now yyyy-MMdd HH:mm:ss. Dates in another format will be displayed as ‘invalid date’ to the users.

Blue Prism queues are no longer supported

Blue Prism queues are no longer used from this version onwards, only TrustPortal queues can be used.

For more information, see the release notes.