Help update history

The following updates have been made to the Hub and Interact On-premise product help:

Date updated Summary of update Help page

9 August

Correction to reflect the fields on the Credential Details screen in Blue Prism. Image also included.

Communicating back to Interact

15 June 2021

The help has been restructured. As a result, some of the URL paths have changed. Please update any bookmarks you may have.


25 May 2021

New! Help user interface, including side navigation and updated toolbar.

Using the help

30 April 2021

Updated install guides with additional information for the IIS setup screens in the installers

Installing Hub and Installing Interact

10 March 2021

Known Issues moved to the Knowledge Base. A link has been provided on the release note pages mentioned below.


Added information about Active Directory attributes.

Authentication settings

23 February 2021

Added Wireframer Known Issue.

Hub 4.1 – November 2020

10 February 2021

Added Internet Explorer Known Issue.

Hub 4.1 – November 2020

Interact 4.1 – November 2020

16 December 2020

Updated Hub web server installation process.

Install and configure the web server – Hub

Updated Upgrader tool prerequisites.

Upgrader tool

Clarification of Interact Web API actions and VBO actions.


10 December 2020

Updated supported Blue Prism version.

Interact software requirements and permissions and Frequently asked questions

Clarification regarding supported Azure environments.

Hub software requirements and permissions and Interact software requirements and permissions

30 November 2020

New! Help published for 4.1. To see all the help systems, click here.


New! Release notes for Interact and Hub.

Interact and Hub

New! ALM guide.

ALM user guide

New! Interact Forms guide.

Interact Forms

New! Upgrade guidance.

Upgrader tool

New! Blue Prism Data Protector Tool guidance.

Data Protector Tool

Updated installation guides for Hub and Interact.

Interact and Hub

Updated Interact Web API Service guide.

Web API Service

Updated Wireframer user guide.