Upgrade Hub and Interact 4.0 to version 4.1

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Upgrading Hub and Interact is a simple process that uses a dedicated upgrade tool; the Blue Prism Interact and Hub Upgrader. The upgrader can only be used to upgrade version 4.0 of Hub and Interact to 4.1.


  • Version 4.0 of Hub and Interact is installed.
  • Everyone is logged out of the IMS Server. It is recommended that you schedule the upgrade to take place outside of working hours.
  • You have backed up all relevant databases. Although the databases are not impacted by the upgrade, it is recommended that databases are backed up before performing any upgrade.

The upgrader automatically stops any running websites as part of the upgrade process. You do not need to manually stop them.

Upgrade steps

  1. Download the Blue Prism Interact and Hub Upgrader from the Blue Prism Portal.
  2. Run the upgrader and follow the instructions.
  3. Once the upgrader has completed, log in to Hub and open the plugin repository.

    The repository will show that there are plugins ready to update with details of the currently installed and available versions displayed.

  4. Select the All check box and click Complete updating.

    The new versions of the selected plugins are installed and the upgrade to version 4.1 is complete.

  5. Repeat the process on all machines on which Hub is installed.

Troubleshooting upgrades

My upgrade ended prematurely with errors.

Before retrying an upgrade, read any error messages and log files created during the upgrade and ensure any issues have been addressed before attempting the upgrade again. If this issue persists, please contact Blue Prism Support.

Following an upgrade, when I attempt to log into Interact or Hub, I am seeing an error related to SignalR about overloading the web server in IIS.

This error is very rare but if it does occur, reload the site and restart the application pools in IIS.

I canceled an installation during the upgrade process and I am now seeing errors.

It is recommended that installations are not canceled during the upgrade process. However, although errors may be seen, the rollback operation will complete successfully.