Installing Hub

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This guide provides guidance on the process to follow when installing Blue Prism® Hub.

Blue Prism Hub is only supported in a multi-device deployment, where the Blue Prism components are deployed across a number of devices. The reasons for this are:

  • It provides an extensible deployment of Blue Prism components suitable for a broad range of scenarios.
  • Advanced techniques relating to deploying additional services or securing and hardening the environment will commonly require this type of deployment.

A number of more advanced topics are also included within this guide to provide information on troubleshooting installations and configuring advanced settings and options. It is assumed that the person carrying out an installation of Hub has prior knowledge or experience with Blue Prism, configuring SSL Certificates, and RabbitMQ.

If further assistance is required whilst following this document please contact your Blue Prism Account Manager or Technical Support - [email protected].

This information relates to version 4.1 of Blue Prism Hub.

Blue Prism Hub must be installed before attempting to install Interact.

Upgrading Hub

If upgrading from an earlier version of Hub 4, Blue Prism supplies an upgrader. For more information, see Upgrade Hub and Interact 4.0 to version 4.1.

Related guidance

The following documents provide further information on specific aspects of the implementation of Hub.

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