Documentation update history

The following updates have been made to the Blue Prism Cloud 2021 solution help:

Date updated Summary of update Help page

03 October 2023

New! VMRestart information.

Blue Prism Cloud self-service reboot

31 August 2023

Correction to domain joining and group policy settings.

Connecting a digital workforce to your organization

03 August 2023

New! Blue Prism Cloud Data Vault and Partitioner overview.

Blue Prism Cloud Data Vault and Partitioner

New! Blue Prism Cloud Data Vault access overview.

Blue Prism Cloud Data Vault access details

11 May 2023

Updated Connectivity and access guide with latest responsibility information.

Responsibility assignment

12 January 2023

Updated information.

03 November 2002

Updated IADA Orchestration User Guide to clarify the length of the priority.


16 March 2022

New company logo.


07 December 2021

Updated Blue Prism Cloud platform summary page.

Your Blue Prism Cloud 2021 platform

Updated Microsoft Azure Service overview.

Microsoft Azure Services overview

Updated Connectivity and Access data sheet.

Connectivity and Access

Updated Terminology.


Updated Data Security data sheet.

Data Security

Removed Blue Prism Cloud Data Sheet – this will be updated and made available in the future.


09 November 2021

Interact migration guide added.

Migrating Forms from Interact 2.7 to Interact 4.3

05 October 2021

Initial help system.