Documentation update history

The following updates have been made to the product documentation:

Date updated Summary of update Help page

11 March 2024

Added example configuration to the Director user guide.

Director user guide

29 January 2024

New! Hub 5.0.1 release notes

Hub 5.0.1 release notes

17 October 2023

Added supported browsers to user guides.

Hub and Interact

03 August 2023

Updated the following guides with a note about client id being case sensitive.

  • Interact Web API Service user guide.
  • Blue Prism with Decision configuration overview.
  • Blue Prism with Director configuration overview.


Configure Blue Prism to use Interact

Configure Blue Prism to use Decision

Configure Blue Prism to use Director

31 July 2023

Updated some links in ALM that referred to the removed Business processes topic.

ALM – Templates

ALM – Other features on the Process definitions page

21 July 2023

Updated Save as draft information in the Interact user guide .

Using the forms in Interact

Updated Raise submission information in the Interact Web API user guide.


03 July 2023

New! Help published for 5.0.To see all the help systems, click here.