Decipher IDP 1.1: May 2021

Updated Decipher Licensing Service and license key required for Blue Prism 7

A new license key is required to use SS&C | Blue Prism® Enterprise 7.0 – version 6 licenses will not work with version 7 installations. Any SS&C | Blue Prism® Decipher IDP 1.1 installations that are going to be used with Blue Prism 7.0 will require new license keys and an update to the Decipher Licensing Service.

For new version 7 licenses, please contact your account manager.

The updated Decipher Licensing Service.msi is available from the Blue Prism Customer Portal. To upgrade your existing Decipher Licensing Service, run the new installer and re-start the Decipher services. You do not need to uninstall the existing licensing service prior to upgrade. See Install Decipher licensing service for detailed installation instructions.

Decipher IDP 1.1: November 2020

New Decipher DLL required for Blue Prism 6.10

The BluePrism.Decipher.VBO.Interop.dll has been updated to make it compatible with Blue Prism version 6.10. The Get Next Completed Batch action in the Decipher VBO will error and not run unless the DLL has been replaced for all installations. The Decipher VBO has not been changed for this release.

The name of the DLL has not been changed and is available for download from the Decipher download page on the customer portal. To install, unzip the file and copy the DLL to the same location as the Blue Prism Automate.exe. See Decipher DLL for further details.

Decipher IDP 1.1: June 2020

Blue Prism

6.6.0 or later

This release of Decipher IDP is only compatible with these versions of Blue Prism.

Decipher Licensing Service


The Decipher Licensing Service.msi is not versioned for this release.

Decipher Server


The required Decipher Server version for this release.

Decipher Web Client


The required Decipher Web Client version for this release.

Decipher Automated Clients


The required Decipher Automated Clients version for this release.

Decipher VBO Interop dll


The BluePrism.Decipher.VBO.Interop.dll is not versioned for this release.

Decipher Blue Prism business object


The BPA Object - Decipher.xml is not versioned for this release.

Decipher Server Plugin


The Decipher Server Plugin.msi is not versioned for this release.

Known issues

A list of any prominent issues with this release is maintained in the knowledge base – click here for more information.

Important notices

A valid Decipher IDP license file is required to activate the software. See Decipher IDP licensing for details.


This release has been verified as complying with the below standards by Veracode – an independent application security organization.

Static Code Analysis

VL4. Veracode Score: 100/100. Further information

A compliance highlight summary report is available upon request via Product Support.


If you have already installed the beta version of Decipher IDP, you will need to use Windows Add/Remove Programs to remove the (beta) Decipher components from all devices, before installing this release.