Install and configure Blue Prism

The following components are required to complete the steps below:

  • SS&C | Blue Prism® Enterprise
  • Decipher DLL
  • Decipher VBO
  • Decipher v2.2.bprelease

For details of component versions see the release notes.

Install Blue Prism and create a database

If you do not already have Blue Prism installed, you will need to install Blue Prism 6.6 or later. If you already have Blue Prism installed you just need to create a Blue Prism database for use with SS&C | Blue Prism® Decipher IDP – you will need to reference this when installing the Decipher Licensing Service.

This is an overview of the steps required to install Blue Prism and create a database. You can find full instructions on how to install, configure, and use our product in the Blue Prism help.

Create a Blue Prim database for Decipher IDP

You need to create a new database for your Decipher IDP data.

  1. Install and launch Blue Prism.
  2. In the Sign in to Blue Prism screen, click Configure connection to launch the configure connection wizard.
  3. Click New Connection followed by Create Database.
  4. In the Connection Configuration screen complete the following details:

  5. Connection Name

    Enter an easily recognizable name for the connection.

    Connection Type

    Select SQL Server (Windows Authentication).

    Database Server

    Enter the network location of the SQL server instance. If you have installed SQL Express as described in this guide, this will be localhost\SQLExpress.

    Database Name

    Enter a name for the new database, e.g. BluePrism.

    BluePrism is the default database name when installing the Decipher licensing service. If you create a database using a different name, you will need to enter this name when you install the Decipher licensing service.

    Additional SQL Connection Parameters

    This is not required.

  6. Select your required user authentication method and click OK to create the database.

Add Decipher IDP license to SS&C | Blue Prism

You need a Decipher IDP license to run Decipher. This must be added to Blue Prism before installing Decipher IDP.

  1. Log into Blue Prism.

    Ensure that you log into Blue Prism using the connection configured to use the database created for Decipher IDP. This is because Decipher licensing will not work unless you apply the license key to the Decipher database. You also need to ensure you specify this database when installing the Decipher Licensing Service.

  2. Click the System tab and select System > License from the navigation tree. Details of the active license are displayed and options are available to install new licenses and remove existing ones.
  3. Click Install new license to add the Decipher license.

Add the Decipher DLL

For multi-device installations (any interactive client or runtime resource that will run the Decipher Blue Prism processes), this DLL needs to be copied to the Blue Prism install location for all Blue Prism interactive clients and runtime resources using Decipher IDP.

Paste the BluePrismDecipher.VBO.Interop.dll file into C:\Program Files\Blue Prism Limited\Blue Prism Automate.

This is the default install location so adjust it if you have used an alternative – just make sure it is in the same directory as Automate.exe.

Import the Decipher VBO

In Blue Prism select File > Import and import the BPA Object - Decipher.xml. This Decipher VBO can also be used to create your own processes.

Import the Decipher release

Import this release into each separate Blue Prism environment that needs to interact with Decipher IDP.

The Decipher v2.2.bprelease contains a number of pre-built processes to help you use Decipher IDP.




Decipher - 01 Push Documents

Takes documents located in C:\Invoices and pushes them to Decipher IDP as a single batch.

Do not include more than 15 invoices in a batch.

Decipher - 02 Batches to Verify

Sample process to determine whether there are batches in Decipher IDP that require manual verification.

This returns True or False and can be used to build a process to send notifications to users.

Decipher - 03 Get Verified Documents

Sample process to retrieve verified documents from Decipher IDP and put in a Blue Prism work queue.


Decipher - 04 Get Decipher Item from BP Queue

Takes the document data from Blue Prism work queue and pushes data into collection.


Select File > Import and select the Decipher v2.2.bprelease you downloaded from the portal. The processes are added to the Processes\Default folder in Studio.