Migrating Forms from Interact 2.7 to Interact 4.6

This document details how to recreate Forms and Rules from Interact 2.7 in Interact 4.6.

Interact 2.7 was formerly known as Self-Serve and the form structure of that release is significantly different to the form structure in Interact 4.6. Interact 4.6 has significant enhancements over Interact 2.7, with many new features and functionality changes. As such, the difference in form structure between 2.7 and 4.6 prevents the automatic migration of forms.

This document provides guidance on equivalent features so that you can manually rebuild forms, rules, and related automation processes to help you take advantage of the new capabilities of Interact 4.6.

This document is not intended to replace the Interact Plugin User Guide available in the Interact 4.6 online documentation, and users should ensure that they are familiar with all the functionality before following the processes in this document.