Blue Prism® Interact provides Blue Prism users with a collaboration interface for an end users interaction with their digital workforce within a business process. Initiate, verify, receive and authorize varied work related to your business processes. In addition, Blue Prism Interact reduces the skill criteria required by allowing users to create dynamic web interfaces either by using the no-code form designer or using a Blue Prism Visual Business Object (VBO) to create forms based on the business process requirements.

The following documentation about Blue Prism Interact is available in this help system and as individual PDFs:

Online guidance


Interact 4.6 release notes

Interact 4.6 Install guide

High Availability Configuration Guide


Interact 4.6 web application user guide

Interact 4.6 plugin user guide

Interact Web API Service 4.6 user guide

Interact 4.6 Infrastructure overview

Interact 4.6 Security reference guide

Frequently asked questions