Blue Prism runtime resource

For each device of this type that will be configured, Blue Prism will be installed and configured with a connection to the Blue Prism application server.

The following should be noted:

  • It is necessary to use some settings from the server configuration on each client such as:
    • Connection mode
    • Bind to address (if specified)
    • Port
  • If the server is configured to use a WCF mode that uses transport encryption, it will be necessary to ensure that the certification authority that issued the server certificate is trusted by all clients.
  • If the device will not be used for locally executing automated processes, the optional step to prevent a local runtime resource from starting when a user logs into to Blue Prism will be followed.

Please be aware that starting and running a runtime resource with elevated permissions might affect the interaction with the application that is being automated. Generally, the permissions of the runtime resource must match those of the user context of the target application.