Login Agent

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When executing an automated process on a Blue Prism runtime resource, it is necessary for the runtime resource to be running on a device which is logged in and not locked. This allows the process to operate under the context of that user and provides access to all of the local applications and network resources it may need.

Blue Prism Login Agent provides a mechanism for automating the log in process for a Windows machine so that a Blue Prism runtime resource can be started. This includes:

  • Configuring the Login Agent service with appropriate information to launch a Login Agent runtime resource.
  • A Login Agent runtime resource being started automatically when a device is powered on (or rebooted) that connects to the appropriate Blue Prism environment.
  • The Login Agent runtime resource being instructed to log in manually or via a schedule.
  • The Login Agent securely retrieving the appropriate credential from the database and using this to authenticate with Windows.

The diagram below shows the flow of events that occur to take a device from being powered on to being logged in and able to receive process automation instructions.