Blue Prism version 7

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Blue Prism® version 7 drives towards the belief that the Enterprise of the future requires a seamless blend of human workers, digital workers, and systems, all interconnected and operating in an agile and innovative way. Version 7 is focused around the following three themes:

  • Increased Scale – The enterprise of the future needs a secure digital workforce that scales easily and quickly in order to increase productivity, enhance customer service, and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Greater Extensibility – Digital workers need access to greater capabilities and skills to make them smarter and enable the creation of a true enterprise-grade intelligent digital workforce. Enterprises will benefit from making Blue Prism a more seamless, integrated part of their automation suite.
  • New Control Interface – The human workforce requires the ability to effectively orchestrate its digital co-workers and seamlessly collaborate with them.

Blue Prism 7

With Blue Prism 7 we are introducing new features and improved functionality to help you automate more effectively and efficiently. This is an evolution on our core version 6 platform and as part of this we've changed how we communicate with digital workers, allowing a significant increase in scale. In addition to this we've extended our automation capabilities so you can now natively automate external applications via a Citrix virtual desktop.

Extending Blue Prism

Version 7 is not just an update to the current enterprise product, we're introducing some optional extras that provide the base for future development. We have included a new Blue Prism REST API enables integration with the latest version of Blue Prism Hub, which can be used to access a Blue Prism Control Room plugin, allowing organizations to monitor their digital workforce in a web client.

We're also introducing an Authentication Server that provides centralized, common authentication for users across three key components of the Blue Prism platform: Blue Prism Enterprise, the Blue Prism API, and Blue Prism Hub. This will be further enhanced with other new services in future releases.

Getting started

  • For an overview of the new features in version 7, see our What's new? page.
  • For a more detailed look at all the changes in each release, take a look at the release notes.


All installers for Blue Prism 7 are available for download from the Blue Prism Portal.


If you are upgrading to a version 7 release from any other version of Blue Prism, you will require a new license. To find out how to request a Blue Prism license, see our Support Center.

Installation paths

The install path for Blue Prism 7 is dependent on which Blue Prism products you currently use and which components of version 7 you intend to use. You can simply update your current environment to version 7 or, if you want to take advantage of the Blue Prism API, browser-based Control Room, and Authentication Server, additional steps are required.

Version 7 includes the following installers:



Blue Prism

The base of our Enterprise Blue Prism product. This can be installed and used independently of the other components in the same way as our traditional enterprise product. Blue Prism 7 includes the new Application Server Controlled Resources (ASCR) functionality, which improves performance and allows for increased scale.

Blue Prism API

The Blue Prism API exposes monitoring data for sessions, work queues, and schedule information, enabling schedule management control. The API establishes a connection between Hub and Blue Prism but can also be consumed independently to programmatically monitor and control your digital workforce.

Blue Prism Hub

An optional installation that allows you to extend Blue Prism version 7 for centralized authentication control via the Authentication Server, use the browser-based Control Room to monitor your digital workforce.

Set up a version 7 environment





Install or upgrade Blue Prism 7

Enterprise Edition install guide

Upgrade overview

Additional setup for Blue Prism API, Authentication Server, and browser-based Control Room





Install Blue Prism API

Blue Prism API install guide


Install Blue Prism Hub

Blue Prism Hub Install Guide


Configure Authentication Server

Authentication Server configuration guide

Additional documentation

For version 7 we are also providing the following guidance:

Further information and support

Online documentation

All Blue Prism products have an associated online documentation system with a range of guidance to help you install and use them as well as provide information on infrastructure and security. Version 7 uses functionality from both the core Blue Prism product and Blue Prism Hub:

To access the available documentation systems for all our products, visit the BP Docs homepage.

Support Center

Our Support Center has a wealth of articles to help you overcome some of the common issues you may face when using our products. It includes known issues for each release, troubleshooting information, as well as how to get in touch with our support team.

Training courses

The Blue Prism University can help you though your journey with Blue Prism products with dedicated training courses and our certification program.


Sometimes it's good to talk with other users and Blue Prism staff to share ideas or discuss issues, and our Communities site is there to enable you to do just that.