Upgrade Blue Prism Enterprise

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There is no single way to upgrade and this guide should be treated as advice on potential upgrade options and strategies, not a rigid instruction.

Users must plan their own upgrade according to their own requirements. There are many factors to weigh up, some common and some particular to the Business. The following list itemizes some, but probably not all the main considerations.

  • BAU solutions, the processes and their objects.
  • BAU workload, the work queues and the SLAs.
  • Inflight projects and the delivery schedule.
  • Operational commitment to the Business.
  • The current infrastructure, the different environments, the resources, clients, severs and databases.
  • The Blue Prism upgrade version and all the versions released since the current version.
  • The regression test environment, the infrstructure, the target applications.
  • Regression test data and test scripts.
  • The regression test sequence and any high priority or high risk processes.
  • The rollout plan and the rollback plan.
  • The upgrade participants, the PMs, SMEs, testers, developers, IT and the DBAs.

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