SS&C | Blue Prism® Hub serves as the interface for the management of automation lifecycles, acting as a productivity tool for a company’s Center of Excellence (CoE) so organizations can Identify, Scope, Design, Build, Test, Deploy and Operate enterprise process automations.

Hub has been created as a lightweight ‘empty’ application which is then populated by a series of plugins or features. This forms what is referred to as the plugin architecture which allows the Blue Prism team to iterate features and make them available for consumption by Hub administrators.

Each Hub instance contains a Plugin Repository page that allows administrators to view and deploy new plugins as well as update existing plugins.

The following documentation about Blue Prism Hub is available in this help system and as individual PDFs:

Online guidance


Hub 4.7 release notes


Hub 4.7 install guide

Hub 4.7 Silent install guide

High Availability Configuration Guide


Hub 4.7 administrator guide

Hub 4.7 user guide

Frequently asked questions