Getting started with Interact

What is Blue Prism Interact?

A native, real-time, human-to-digital collaboration platform




Blue Prism Digital Workers think and learn like humans...


Does this describe your organization?

  • You’re using both digital and human workers and need a better way to collaborate.
  • The processes you’re automating also require some human intervention.
  • Your customers need assurance that their communications are secure.
  • You need assurance that the platform you choose is easy to use, built for enterprises & scalable.

Interact feature overview

  • Customizable, no-code web forms.
  • One simple interface to manage forms, submissions, exceptions and user access/roles.
  • Customer-facing forms that help collect structured data and documents to trigger a process.
  • Internal forms so employees can validate or approve steps in an automated process.
  • Supports 6 languages, plus option for custom-branded forms and interface.

…now your employees can INTERACT with them too.

Meet your new co-workers…

Here's what Interact can do...

What needs to be in place?

As an Intelligent automation leader, you need the following three components in place:



Infrastructure and administration


Process analysis


Development and delivery



Experienced Enterprise Architect

  • Preferably Blue Prism certified
  • Rabbit MQ and IIS/web server experience
  • Infrastructure/VM design and build especially for high availability/scalability

Experienced Process Analyst

  • Digital transformation experience
  • Analysis and design skills
  • Agile delivery/iterative build skills


Experienced RPA Developer

  • Preferably Blue Prism certified
  • Agile delivery/iterative build skills
  • UX/UI and HTML skills are advantageous

Blue Prism Interact Administrator

  • Experience in user and access management administration and configuration with knowledge of the Blue Prism Logical Access Model (LAM)

Blue Prism ROM Architect

  • Experience in the 7 foundations of the Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM)


  • Infrastructure design
  • Security considerations
  • Best practice installation
  • Configuration and administration
  • Understand the Interact product
  • Understand the potential use cases
  • Understand how process discovery will take place
  • Identify candidates for Interact
  • Understand human/Digital Worker collaboration processes and how to create Blue Prism solutions
  • Consider the impact of human/Digital Worker collaboration processes on the Robotic Operating Model (ROM)
  • Scalable solution design best practice


Frequently asked questions

How can Blue Prism help you?

The Interact Accelerator

Facilitate Interact upskilling


Adherence to best practices


Accelerated route to production


Infrastructure assurance


Business impact

Infrastructure Design & Installation

  • The creation of the required technical design documentation.
  • The deployment planning and successful installation in the enterprise estate

Implementation of Best Practice Interact Solutions

  • Training on Interact and upskilling on optimal use cases for Interact.
  • User experience and user interface design best practice.
  • Delivery approach for human/Digital Worker collaboration processes workload scheduling, balancing and optimization.
  • User Administration for form users (leavers, joiners, targeted form access etc.)
  • Process roll-out approach and associated education of form users.
  • Service model refinements.

For further information please contact your Blue Prism Account Manager