Control Room – Installation and access

To use the Control Room plugin, a SS&C | Blue Prism® Hub administrator needs to install it and provide you with access.


For the Control Room plugin to function, the following must be configured:

  • The Control Room plugin requires Blue Prism 7.1 or later.
  • Blue Prism Hub 4.7 installed. For information, see the Blue Prism Hub installation guide.
  • The URL of the Blue Prism API must be known to Hub. This is configured when adding or editing environments in Hub's Environment Manager.

  • Authentication Server must be configured to authorize the user to view the Blue Prism data within the Control Room plugin. For more information, see the Authentication Server configuration guide.

Install the Control Room plugin

The Control Room plugin must be installed from the Plugin Repository by a Hub administrator.

  1. If you are a Hub administrator, log into Hub and click Plugins to open the plugin repository.

  2. On the Control Room tile, click the download icon in the bottom corner to initiate the install.

    The plugin installs and a message displays informing you that the site is restarting. Once complete, the plugin repository displays and the download icon on the Control Room tile is replaced with a tick. Deploying the Control Room plugin will also add extra dashboard widgets to the Hub dashboard.

    The site restart will affect all users who are logged into Hub. Although this does not take long, it is recommended that this is performed outside normal working hours to minimize disruption.

Configure access to the Control Room plugin

The Control Room plugin is automatically available to Hub administrators. Users need to be added to a role that provides access to the Control Room. This access can be given via a new role or added to an existing user role. If a role does not already exist, a new role can be created in the Settings page of Hub to grant access to the plugin:

  1. On the Roles and permissions page, click Create role.

    The Create role section displays.

  2. Enter a role name and select Hub.
  3. If required, enter a description.
  4. Select Control Room from the Add plugin drop-down list.
  5. Select the users that will be assigned this role from the Add user drop-down list. The list only displays Hub users and not Interact users.
  6. Click Save to create the role and allow access to the specified users.

This procedure and screenshot reflect a Hub environment that has not been configured to use Active Directory authentication. If your organization has implemented Active Directory authentication, you will also be able to add users to the role using Active Directory security groups. For more information, see Roles and permissions.

Users can be added to and removed from existing roles by selecting the required role on the Roles and permissions page and clicking Edit. For more information, see Roles and permissions.

Although this role allows users to access the plugin, both users and Hub administrators are unable to see any data in the Control Room plugin if their account is not synchronized with Blue Prism through Authentication Server. If your organization is using the default administrator (admin) credentials for Hub, this account will also need to be synchronized if you want to use it to view the Control Room data. When selecting a user from Blue Prism to synchronize with the Hub admin user, it is recommended at least one administrator account in Blue Prism is not synchronized with Hub to enable access for troubleshooting in the event of any connection issues. For more information, see the Authentication Server configuration guide.

Open Control Room

After the Hub administrator has installed the plugin and provided you access, click Control Room from the navigation menu.

The following tiles are available:

  • Work Queues – Monitor the status of work queue items and track queue activity.
  • Sessions – View, filter, and organize session activity in each environment.
  • Schedule Activity – Monitor the status of schedule runs for each environment, filter data and create user‑defined views.
  • Schedule Manager – Control, create, and modify schedules – manage their activity with the help of user‑defined views.
  • Digital Worker Health – View and monitor the Digital Workers in each environment.

Select the environment

You can use the drop-down list in the top left of all Control Room pages to change the Blue Prism environment that you are viewing. Environments in the list must be pre-configured and are setup in Hub's Environment Manager.