Configure Azure SQL

Decipher IDP supports the use of Azure SQL databases, however some additional configuration is required to support this functionality.

Intended audience

These instructions are intended for database administrators with experience in database management and Azure environments. The installation process requires familiarity with installing and configuring databases.


  • DecipherServerDb_Script and DecipherServerDbReporting_Script configuration scripts downloaded from the Blue Prism Portal.


The following configuration must be in place before installing Decipher IDP.

To use Azure SQL with SS&C | Blue Prism® Decipher IDP, you must create a master Azure database, add the databases required for Decipher IDP, run the provided scripts, insert versioning detail, and create a Blue Prism connection.

  1. Create a master Azure database.

  2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the server that is hosting your Azure connection.

  3. To create the Decipher Server database:

    1. In the navigation tree, expand the master database, right-click Databases, and select New database from the context menu.

    2. Enter a Database name, and click OK. The default database name is DecipherServerDb.

  4. Select the new database , create a new query, and run the script named DecipherServerDb_Script.

  5. Create another new query, and insert the text below. Before running, change the UpdateDate value to the current date, and ensure the Version column is populated with the relevant value. This should be the version number of the Decipher Server.msi, with the first number increased by 7. For example, if using Decipher Server 2.11.10280, the version value should be 9.11.10280.

    INSERT INTO VersionControl (Version, UpdateDate)
                        VALUES ('9.11.10280', '2022-01-10');
  6. If this Decipher IDP installation will use a separate reporting database, repeat steps 2 to 5, but change the following details:

    • Database name – The default database name is DecipherServerDbReporting.

    • Script – Run the script named DecipherServerDbReporting_Script.

Create a Blue Prim connection

You need to create a Blue Prism connection to your Azure SQL database.

  1. If you don't already have Blue Prism installed, install and launch Blue Prism.
  2. On the Sign in to Blue Prism screen, click Configure connection. The Connection Configuration dialog displays.
  3. Click New Connection.
  4. On the Connection Configuration screen complete the following details:

  5. Connection Name

    Enter an easily recognizable name for the connection.

    Connection Type

    Select SQL Server (Windows Authentication).

    Database Server

    Enter the name of the Azure SQL server.

    Database Name

    Enter a name for the new database, e.g. BluePrism.

    BluePrism is the default database name when installing the Decipher licensing service. If you create a database using a different name, you will need to enter this name when you install the Decipher licensing service.

    User ID

    Enter the relevant user ID for the Azure server.


    Enter the relevant password for the Azure server.

    Additional SQL Connection Parameters

    This is not required.

  6. Click Create Database.

  7. Click OK.

Azure SQL is now ready for use with Decipher IDP and you can proceed with the Decipher IDP installation. When specifying SQL connections during the installation of the Decipher IDP components, ensure you reference the master Azure database as configured above. For details, see Install Decipher IDP components.