Documentation update history

The following updates have been made to the Decipher IDP product documentation:

Date updated Summary of update Link to page

4 May 2023

Added troubleshooting on restarting Decipher services.


30 March 2023

New! Configuration file parameters.

Configuration file parameters

10 March 2023

Added details on components for silent install parameters.

Silent install

10 March 2023

Updated knowledge base links.

10 January 2023

Updated supported RabbitMQ and Erlang versions.

Install and configure third-party software

21 December 2022

Updated Automated Clients install detail.

Install Decipher Automated Clients

12 December 2022

Added note about recycling IIS logs.

Configure Decipher IDP

30 September 2022

Removed Increased operational resilience topic.

30 September 2022

Added minimum SQL permissions to install guide.

Minimum requirements and components

31 August 2022

Added example usage for miscellaneous parameters.

Miscellaneous parameters

22 July 2022

New! Accuracy reporting process and training data process guides.

Accuracy reporting process

Training data process

23 June 2022

New! Class verify menu options.

Class verification thumbnail shortcut menu options

09 June 2022

Added a note on invalid characters in SQL passwords.

Install Decipher IDP components

24 May 2022

Expanded the user access model.

User access models

24 May 2022

Updated detail on adding SQL connection parameters to Web.config file.

Configure Decipher IDP

05 May 2022

New! Training models overview.

Training models overview

13 April 2022

Added detail on silent install for Decipher Licensing Service and Decipher Server Plugin.

Silent install

16 March 2022

New company logo.

31 January 2022

Added detail on changing the default RabbitMQ credentials for standalone installations.

RabbitMQ configuration

27 January 2022





New! Help published for Decipher IDP 2.1.

New! Release notes for Decipher IDP 2.1.

Release notes

New! Upgrade guidance for 1.2 to 2.1.

Upgrade Decipher IDP

Updated installation guide.

Installing Decipher IDP

New and updated third-party acknowledgments.

Third-party licenses and acknowledgments