Documentation update history

The following updates have been made to the Capture product help:

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8 November 2023

Capture 4.0.2 Patch released:

  • New 4.0.2 Release notes
  • Small update to silent install process to include Capture 4.0.2.

Capture 4.0.2 Release Notes

Silent Installation

29 June 2023

Capture 4.0.1 release notes created and Capture 4.0.1 released (no change to user guide or other documentation).

Capture 4.0.1 Release Notes


20 June 2023

Install Guide updated for Capture 4.0.1


19 May 2023

Warning note added to the Import a BPRELEASE file into Blue Prism topic

Import a BPRELEASE file into Blue Prism Enterprise

30 March 2023

Capture 4.0 released.

Capture 4.0 User Guide

Capture 4.0 Install Guide

Capture 4.0 Release Notes

Capture Third-Party Licenses