Blue Prism Cloud Evolution Edition and Blue Prism Cloud 2021 comparison overview

With the evolution of Self-Serve into Interact 4.3 and Connect into Hub 4.3, many of the features and capabilities have seen marked improvements in functionality and increased flexibility. Given some architectural changes within Interact, some functionality has been updated to provide a better overall experience, with an increased focus on security and data protection. Many of these have been recreated in a different manner that allow for a more refined experience and increased functionality. More information on these changes is provided below.

From late 2019, Self-Serve was also known as Interact and Connect was known as Hub in the Blue Prism Cloud Evolution Edition. The last version of Blue Prism Cloud Evolution Edition included Hub 1.22 and Interact 2.7. Blue Prism Cloud 2021 includes Hub 4.3 and Interact 4.3.

Blue Prism Cloud 2021

Auto-approval of registrations

Blue Prism endeavors to ensure that all released products and product features are secure and limit any misuse of features that may affect the integrity of the application. Auto‑approval of registration was evaluated as a feature that potentially, if misused, could allow rogue activity within the application with no authorization given by system administrators.

Users can still register for Interact access, however, an administrator will be required to manually approve or deny their registration request.

In addition, Interact has Active Directory integration through LDAP(S) that allows Active Directory users to be imported into Blue Prism® Hub and provide necessary Interact roles and privileges.

Profile fields

The following fields have been removed from the registration form and from the User Profile area:

  • Date of Birth
  • Company
  • Department

Blue Prism ensures that any data gathered within a product is collected for a purpose and is utilized. Because these data points do not fit the above description, they have been removed.

Self-Serve SQL Settings

Blue Prism ensures that all products and product features are secure and limit any misuse of features that may affect the integrity of the application. Self-Serve SQL Settings was evaluated as a feature that potentially, if misused, could lead to problems within the database.

Hub offers a Dashboard area that allows for widgets to be installed and displayed. These widgets provide users with insights into the operation of their Blue Prism system.

Username changes by users

Usernames within Hub’s user administration area are key values that are related to a host of features. Allowing users to change their username would remove the integrity of these relationships, and is therefore no longer supported.

Removed API endpoints

The following API endpoints were un-documented endpoints available within Self-Serve and instead have been removed and replaced with more beneficial capabilities that allow for better collaboration between humans and digital workers:

  • Get users processed by IADA transaction ID
  • Get data processed by user ID
  • Get user request history by user ID

Central history view

Self-Serve allowed users to see various submissions within the history that they did not submit or were not involved within any part of the collaboration. In order to restrict access to data by users who do not need access, only Hub System Administrators can now audit all Interact form submissions in the Audit area of Hub.

This also provides the benefit that users no longer need to filter out submissions from other users when viewing their own history, making it quicker for them to find a past submission they need to review.

Product roadmap

The following features and capabilities were available in Self-Serve and are available within Interact and Hub version 4.4 and later. Please see the product roadmap for more information, available on the Blue Prism portal.

Purge on Submission

This allows the designers of the Interact form to prevent the data entered in a field by a user from being stored in the Interact database upon the form being submitted.

Text Area

Text Area has been added to allow for a multi-line text box with a 3500-character limit to be included on Interact forms.

Additional audit events

The following audit events are now tracked and logged in the Audit section of Hub:

  • Form created
  • Form removed
  • Form major version increase
  • Form submitted – including form data

Multiple API clients

Multiple service accounts can now be created in Hub that can be given the Interact Remote API permission.