Logging is used to record each activity the automated solution completes when running. Logging is of great importance to help with debugging a solution. The session logs can hold valuable information to help you pinpoint what element of the automated solution is throwing the error. However, this may not be the root cause. Further investigation may be required and an attempt to re-produce the error while stepping through the processes will help diagnose the problem.

You can change the logging levels for each Digital Worker. To do this:

  1. Navigate to System > Resources > Management.
  2. Right-click on a Digital Worker and select Logging Level. From here you can see various logging levels and logging information.

For development of automations, you may consider selecting all stages. This will ensure that every stage is logged in the session log. Please be aware the more logging that is enabled, the more the session logs database table will grow. Blue Prism recommend that full logging is enabled within the development environment whilst developing and testing automations. Oonce it has satisfied UAT criteria and been migrated to production, the production Digital Workers should be set to a lower level of logging.