Install Blue Prism Enterprise Edition

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This guide provides guidance on the process to follow when installing SS&C | Blue Prism® Enterprise and contains information on how to test that the installation has been successful.

A number of more advanced topics are also included within this guide to provide information on troubleshooting installations; and configuring advanced settings and options.

This guide provides details of how to configure Blue Prism Enterprise in a secure enterprise environment. However, it is advised that you also consult the Robotic Operating Model (ROM) Security information on the SS&C | Blue Prism Portal for recommendations of best practice.

It is also strongly recommended that the Blue Prism Infrastructure Reference Guide is reviewed prior to starting deployment as it contains insight and information for each of the Blue Prism Enterprise components and provides guidance and considerations on the main options available.

For an overview of the installation, also watch the Blue Prism Enterprise installation video.

This video demonstrates the installation of an earlier version of Blue Prism 7. You can use the video as guidance, but there will be some differences in Blue Prism 7.3.

Intended audience

This guide is aimed at IT professionals with experience in configuring and managing networks, servers, and databases. The installation process requires familiarity with installing and configuring web servers and databases.

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There are a number of other documents that provide additional information about specific aspects of the implementation of Blue Prism Enterprise.

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Blue Prism Infrastructure Reference Guide


A detailed overview of Blue Prism Enterprise infrastructure templates, including architectures, failover and disaster recovery strategies, communication methods, and virtualization requirements

Blue Prism Active Directory Integration Guide

A guide to integrating Blue Prism Enterprise with Active Directory for user authentication.