Documentation update history

The following updates have been made to the Blue Prism product help:

Date updated

Summary of update

Related help page(s)

24 May 2024

Added generated secret restrictions for service accounts

API configuration

24 May 2024

Updated SSO troubleshooting guide

Troubleshooting – Single sign-on

02 May 2024

Updated upgrade notices

Upgrade notices

19 April 2024

Environment themes section updated in System settings, and Enhanced Application Modeller (Beta) section added to Silent install.

System settings

Silent installation

22 March 2024

Blue Prism 7.3 release notes updated.

Release notes 7.3

21 February 2024

Added /getdbscript and /fromrev switches to Command line options.

Command line options

20 February 2024

Updated supported Java versions

Java Access Bridge (JAB)

02 February 2024

Added note on automatic archiving for incomplete debug sessions.


02 February 2024

Added clarification on permissions requirements for customizing the backup interval

Automatic backups

15 December 2023

Updated upgrade notices

Upgrade notices

07 December 2023

New! Help published for Blue Prism 7.3.

Blue Prism 7.3 documentation

07 December 2023

New! Help published for Desktop 1.2.

Blue Prism Desktop 1.2