Install Blue Prism Enterprise Edition

A Blue Prism implementation consists of a database server coupled with any number of interactive clients, runtime resources and Blue Prism application servers, depending on the business application.

The components perform the following functions:

  • Blue Prism interactive client – A physical or virtual machine with Blue Prism installed which facilitates the development, configuration and monitoring of Blue Prism processes.
  • Blue Prism runtime resource – A physical or virtual machine with Blue Prism installed that runs automated processes against target applications, often referred to as the robot.
  • Blue Prism application server – A physical or virtual machine with the Blue Prism Server service installed which shields database connection details from connected clients, implements encryption and hosts the Scheduler.
  • SQL Server database – Blue Prism repository for processes, logs, audit and user info.

It is common for most components to be deployed into a production strength virtual infrastructure, however for pilot processes or small projects there is the option to deploy the solution on a desktop model.