Loop Start stage

Loops are used in Blue Prism to sequentially access the contents of a collection. An example application of this functionality could be extracting customer data from a collection row by row, and calculating total debts of multiple accounts by summing them one by one. For more information, see collections.

The Loop Start stage properties dialog allows you to set a name and description for the stage, as well as configuring the target collection that the loop will iterate through. What happens during the loop is determined by objects that you place between the loop start and the loop end, for example, business objects, calculations, and actions.

  1. Enter a name – The name that you enter identifies the loop start, it will be displayed on the process diagram.
  2. Enter a description – The additional description field allows a lengthier narrative to be entered.
  3. Select Collection – The collection drop-down allows you to select a collection that will be used as the basis for the loop.

    The contents of the collection specified here cannot be updated by the Set Collection Field action in the Utility - Collection Manipulation VBO. To make changes to the collection being used, use a Calculation stage to update the value in the collection field directly.