Blue Prism Desktop 1.1.1: December 2023

About this release

The table below summarizes the core components that need to be installed in a dedicated SS&C | Blue Prism® Desktop environment. This environment will then be accessed from users’ machines via the Desktop client.

Download the installers from the Blue Prism Portal via Product > Related Products > Blue Prism Desktop.

Blue Prism Desktop


This release of the Desktop client application.

Blue Prism Enterprise

7.2 or 7.2.1

This release requires Blue Prism Enterprise to be this version, with a Blue Prism Desktop license applied.

For details of this release of Blue Prism, see Blue Prism 7.2 release notes.

Blue Prism API


The Blue Prism API version installed must always be the same as the Blue Prism Enterprise version number to use the API.

See Blue Prism API for details of enhancements and improvements to the API reference and functionality.

Digital Worker API


The Digital Worker API version installed must always be the same as the Blue Prism Enterprise version number.

Authentication Server (Hub)


The Desktop 1.1 release requires this version of Authentication Server for users to log onto Desktop.

See Authentication Server for details on enhancements to the Authentication Server functionality.

Known issues

A list of any prominent issues with this release is maintained in the knowledge base – click here for more information.

Secure development policy

SS&C Blue Prism’s secure development process is a market-leading, embedded security culture, focused on delivering security excellence through four key principles:

  • Education – Providing up-to-date knowledge, information, and training to the development team.
  • Evaluation – Regular reviews of our products using industry standard frameworks and security tools.
  • Elimination – Remove potential threats through the evaluation of standards, compliance, and performance.
  • Evolution – Continued improvement of our security program, ensuring alignment with our product technologies and by reacting effectively to new and emerging threats.

SS&C Blue Prism secure development is based on OWASP ASVS, ISO 27034 and GDPR Article 25 standards and practices. For more information, see SS&C Blue Prism's comprehensive secure development process.

Fixes and minor improvements

The fixes and minor improvements included in this release cover the following areas:

Desktop client

Description of change


The version of Electron used in the Desktop client has been upgraded to 22.3.24. This is to address CVE-2023-4863, which flags a potential heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability found in earlier versions of Electron.

For full details of CVE‑2023‑4863, see Security Vulnerabilities on the customer portal, and the National Vulnerability Database.



An issue has been fixed where attempting to run a process in Desktop that included the Radio buttons internal business object, and that used the Get selected as text action, resulted in the process failing to run. The error “The business object 'Blueprism.Automate.RadioButtonsBusinessObject’ is not available for a Blue Prism Desktop process and will have to be removed for this process to work” was displayed. Such processes now run successfully in Desktop and an error is no longer generated.


Desktop processes now run successfully, regardless of the time zone set in the environment. Previously, Desktop could not write session logs in environments with time zones that were eight hours ahead or behind GMT, such as Australia and New Zealand, which prevented processes from running.


Blue Prism Enterprise (environments with a Desktop license)

The following changes have been made to environments that have a Blue Prism Desktop license applied. These include Desktop-only environments, and those with both a Desktop and an Enterprise license applied (dual license environments).

Description of change


Because the underlying functionality is not currently available for Desktop, the SOAP Web Services business object is no longer available for selection in Action stages for Desktop processes.