Web services

This feature is subject to licensing restrictions. For more information, see the licensing page.

Blue Prism provides support for web services in two contexts:

  • They can be called as part of a process in the same way that other business objects are called.
  • Blue Prism can expose processes as web services in their own right. Web services exposed by Blue Prism can be called remotely.

To expose a process as a web service, it must be published, and its name must contain only alphanumeric characters, with no punctuation or space characters.

Web services should be thought of as a type of business object. Users in Process Studio will not be able to tell the difference between a business object implemented as a web service, and a business object implemented as an external library. However, there is a distinction in System Manager because the configuration options available for the two types of business object are different.

Supported WSDL specifications

Blue Prism Enterprise only supports WSDL files that conform to the WSDL 1.1, WSDL 1.2, or WSDL 2 specifications. WSDL version 1 and earlier are not compliant with these specifications, so web services using these are not supported by Blue Prism.

If you want to consume data from web services using a WSDL 1 specification, then you must first amend the relevant file to make it compliant with the WSDL 1.1 specification or higher, for example, by adding a WSDL Definition at the top of the file.


To configure web services as business objects, navigate to System > Objects > SOAP web services. Existing web services display in the list, and you can add new services by clicking Add a web service. Once listed, the services are visible as business objects in Process Studio, and can be called using an Action stage.

You can enable web services in Blue Prism by selecting the Enabled checkbox for the services in the list. When a web service is disabled, it will still be visible from Process Studio, but Blue Prism will deny access to the service and it will fail to run (either in debug mode or from Control Room).

Command line configuration

You can register web services via the command line, using the /regwebservice command.


  • WSDL – Web Service Description Language. A WSDL document describes the capabilities provided by a web service, including what information is expected and what information will be returned.
  • URL – A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a string of characters conforming to a standardized format, that refers to a resource on the internet (such as a document or an image) by its location. A URL enables Blue Prism to locate a web service or WSDL document.