A license file containing a valid license key is required to activate the software. License files can be obtained from a Blue Prism Account Manager. Your license and EULA are emailed to you from [email protected]. Save the files to your hard drive.

Activating your license

After logging into Blue Prism, if a license is not already installed, you will be prompted to enter your license key.

  1. Click Browse, select the required License (.lic) file and click Next to start the license activation wizard.

  2. Follow the steps in the wizard and save or copy the generated activation code.
  3. When prompted, click to open the Blue Prism Portal.

    You will be directed to

    If you are not already logged into the Blue Prism Portal, you will be prompted to log in.

  4. Paste or import the generated activation code and click Submit license activation.
  5. Copy the activation key, paste it back into the Blue Prism license activation wizard, and click Next.

    Your Blue Prism license is activated.

Managing licenses

Licenses are managed in the Blue Prism System Manager – click the System tab and select System > License from the navigation tree to access the screen.

Details of the active licenses and their current entitlements are displayed.

Choose from the following options:

  • Click Install new license to add a license.
  • Click Remove on an existing license to remove it.
  • Select the Show expired licenses check box to display details of licenses that have reached their expiry date.

The current entitlements for a given license display the maximum number of:

  • Processes that may be published – This is determined by whether the Publish this Process to Control Room option was selected on the Process Information screen for a given process.
  • Concurrent sessions which may be run – This  includes all pending and running sessions which can be run concurrently. A warning displays in Control Room if the current license entitlements are exceeded.
  • Runtime resources which may be registered at any one time – This is the maximum number of runtime resources that can be connected to an environment. This information also displays in the Connection column in the Resources panel in Control Room.
  • Machines on which process alerts may be used – This information also displays on the System > Audit - Alerts screen in Blue Prism.

The following additional details are displayed in the Installed Licenses table:

  • Whether the current license is a standalone license or not. If using a standalone license, only this one license is used to determine the overall entitlements. Otherwise the licenses are combined and the overall entitlements are determined by the total number of installed licenses.
  • Whether the current license enables Decipher IDP.

An overview of the use of licenses displays in the License Information dashboard.