Blue Prism Process Intelligence comprises the following components:

  1. Recording ServiceIncludes a database and a website. It is delivered as a separate distribution kit.
  2. Recorder – Includes a recorder, the Recorder Log Viewer, and the browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It is delivered as a separate distribution kit.
  3. Process IntelligenceIncludes a database and a website. You can obtain the component in one of the following ways:
    •  Installation package – You can purchase a license and download the distribution kit via the Blue Prism Portal.
    •  Online subscription – You can purchase a subscription to Blue Prism Process Intelligence deployed in the Cloud.

The purpose and functions of the platform components are described in the table below.




Captures all the variations of how desktop user tasks are performed.

Recorder Log Viewer

Allows users to view the logs recorded by the Recorder.

Recording Service

Collects user interaction logs from multiple users over time and allows submitting obscured data into Blue Prism Process Intelligence.

Process Intelligence

Analyzes desktop user interaction data and seamlessly links it with process details mined from system event data, so that you can see where repetitive and inefficient tasks are slowing down your processes and allocate resources to overcome the bottlenecks.

Click through the links below for installation and configuration details for: