User guide

The Process Assessment Tool does not require any technology implementation and is a very lightweight software solution.

Getting started tour

A quick tour gives an overview of the main areas of the tool and their purpose.

Your processes

The processes area comprises all your process assessments including any already completed, incomplete, and archived assessments. You can review and complete draft assessments and make decisions about next steps. Once you complete an assessment, you will receive an automation-readiness recommendation for each process with the options to prioritize, review, or defer.

Process assessment

In this area you can create new process assessments to identify the best candidates for process automation based on your organization's business needs.

When creating a new assessment, you will be taken through a series of questions aimed at identifying the process key details, its automation potential, ease of implementation, and potential benefits in terms of costs and productivity.

Your spaces

This is where you can manage access to your process assessments and build a hierarchical structure based on your organization's business needs. You can also organize users in teams and assign them to different assessment groups. A default space with an assessment group is assigned to you automatically from the start.


You can organize all your process assessments in groups, which can be nested in further groups.


You can create users and assign them to different assessment groups to enable collaboration across the space. Anyone with a Blue Prism portal account can be added to a space. When assigning users to groups, you need to grant the appropriate permissions for each user.


You can add individual users to teams, making it quick and easy to assign people to different assessment groups.