Getting started

Registration and access

You can register to try out the Process Assessment Tool via the Blue Prism Portal.

Registration for the Process Assessment Tool is immediate, provided you have a Blue Prism Portal account set up.

Once you have registered for the Process Assessment Tool, you will have administration access and will be able to provide access to other users in your organization.

Ongoing access to the tool is via single sign on from the Blue Prism Portal, as well as the Blue Prism Digital Exchange and website.

Getting started tour

Once you have responded to the initial questionnaire after logging into the tool, you will be prompted with a quick tour which gives an overview of the main areas of the tool and their purpose.

Click Continue to complete the tour, or Skip tour to return to the tool.

If you want to take the tour at a later time, you can click Take tour in the left-hand navigation on the Your processes page.

Example setup

For a basic setup of your organization, have a look at the example setup.