Control Room

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The Control Room plugin is a freely available plugin within SS&C | Blue Prism® Hub that lets you view and manage Blue Prism activity for all your environments – view schedules, monitor work queues, oversee session activity, and more.

The Control Room plugin components utilize well-established Blue Prism functionality:

  • Work Queues – Monitor the status of work queue items and track queue activity.
  • Sessions – View, filter, and organize session activity in each environment.
  • Schedule Activity – Monitor the status of schedule runs for each environment, filter data and create user‑defined views.
  • Schedule Manager – Control, create, and modify schedules – manage their activity with the help of user‑defined views.
  • Digital Worker Health – View and monitor the Digital Workers in each environment.

The Control Room plugin also provides a number of dashboard widgets, which you can apply and customize to monitor your Blue Prism environment at a glance. These are:

  • Monthly utilization diary – Enables you to view the utilization of your digital workforce for each day of a month.
  • Utilization chart – Enables you to view the utilization efficiency of your digital workforce.
  • Utilization heatmap – Enables you to view patterns, peaks and troughs of activity for the digital workforce.
  • Work queue compositions – Enables you to view the composition of work queue items across your work queues.


The Control Room plugin requires access to the following components:

  • Blue Prism Hub
  • Blue Prism
  • Blue Prism API

For information on version dependencies, see Blue Prism product compatibility.