Deploying forms

Once a form has been created for use in the Interact user interface, the form must be assigned to a role to make it available to the required users. There are two ways this can be done:

If the form still has a version number of 0.0, it will not display in Interact even if you deploy it. The form must be saved so it has a version number of 0.1 or higher for the form to be displayed in Interact.

Add a role to the form

The role must exist in Blue Prism Hub to be able to assign a form to it. If you need a new role, contact your Hub administrator.

  1. On the Interact Forms page, click Options next to the required form and click Edit basic information.

    The Edit basic information page displays.

  2. In Interact role, select the role you want to assign the form to.

    The name of the role displays below the field. You can select more than one role from the list, for example:

  3. Click Save to update the form information and link it to the selected role.

    The Forms page displays. Your form is now available to users of that role in Interact.

Add a form to a role

You can only use this method if you are a Hub administrator.

  1. Click your profile icon to open the Settings page, and then click Roles and permissions.

    The Roles and permissions page displays. See Roles and permissions for more information.

  2. Select the role that you want to add the form to and click Edit.

    If there is not a suitable role, you can create a new role.

  3. Select the form that you want the user role to have access to from the Add forms drop-down list.

    The name of the form displays below the field. You can select more than one form, for example:

  4. Click Save to save the changes to the role.