Log in to Hub and install the Interact plugin

Log in to Hub

It is now possible to log in carry out some system-wide configuration.

  1. Launch a browser and go to the Authentication Server website, in our example: https://authentication.local

  2. Log in using administrator credentials.
  3. Click Hub to launch the Hub website.

Install the Interact Plugin

The Interact plugin is dependent on the Business processes plugin, as you can not create a form without a business process. The Business process plugin is provided free within the plugin repository and can be found under Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM). Ensure you have installed the Business processes plugin prior to installing Interact. For more information, see Install Plugins.

Once inside Hub, the you can install the Interact Plugin and any associated licenses.

  1. Log in to Hub.
  2. Click Plugins to open the plugin repository.

  3. On the Interact tile, click the download icon in the bottom corner to initiate the install and apply the necessary license.

    The site restarts.