The Settings page enables you to manage SS&C | Blue Prism® Hub. You only have access to the Settings page if you are an administrator. If you are a user, you will only have access to the Profile page which opens when you click your profile icon.

To open the Settings page, click your profile icon. The Settings page displays if you are an administrator. The Profile page displays if you are a user.



The Profile page enables you to change your information, display preferences and your password.


Administrators can view a history of audited system activities.

Platform management

The email and database settings are defined as part of the Hub installation and configuration process. These are essential for normal operation.

Environment management

Administrators can add connections to Blue Prism RPA databases, manage existing connections and delete redundant RPA databases.

Email configuration

Administrators can change the SMTP host details. Changes should be made in conjunction with your own IT Support team to ensure that the configuration and credentials match your organization’s email server.


Administrators can customize the theme used by the Interact user interface. The theme allows the administrator to set the theme name, brand color and brand logo.

Plugin management

Administrators can view the currently installed plugins description and version number. Any updates or additional available plugins are also shown.

User management


Administrators can add, modify or retire users, and assign their access permissions and roles.

Roles and permissions

Administrations can add, edit, and delete roles.


Administrators can manage registration requests that new users have raised for access to Interact.

Authentication settings

Administrators can enable, disable, and configure authentication settings.

Service accounts

Administrators can add, edit, or delete service accounts.