Configure access to the Decision plugin

The Decision plugin is automatically available to Hub administrators. Users need to be added to a role that provides access to Decision. This access can be given via a new role or added to an existing user role. If a role does not already exist, a new role can be created to grant access to the plugin:

  1. On the Roles and permissions page, click Create role.

    The Create role section displays.

  2. Enter a role name and select Hub.
  3. If required, enter a description.
  4. Select Blue Prism Decision from the Add plugin drop-down list.
  5. Select the users that will be assigned this role from the Add user drop-down list. The list only displays Hub users and not Interact users.
  6. Click Save to create the role and allow access to the specified users.

This procedure and screenshot reflect a Hub environment that has not been configured to use Active Directory authentication. If your organization has implemented Active Directory authentication, you will also be able to add users to the role using Active Directory security groups. For more information, see Roles and permissions.

Users can be added to and removed from existing roles by selecting the required role on the Roles and permissions page and clicking Edit. For more information, see Roles and permissions.