Viewing a model's usage

You can view the number of times a model has been used by an automated process, the inputs that it received, and the decision that was provided back to the automation. Models that are used by automations are indicated by the Total predictions column on the Library page, which displays the number of times the model has been used.

View the model prediction history

  1. On the Decision Library page, select the check box for the required model.

    In this example the model has been used five times:

  2. Click Prediction history.

    The list of predictions displays with the inputs and the model result, along with the confidence level of the output and the date and time it was generated. The Correlation ID can be traced back to the automation request that used the model.

    To make it easier to find a record in the Prediction history page, you can click Filter and use the filters to find the record you want.

Finding an entry in the model prediction history

You can search for a prediction that was made by a model using the filters on the Prediction history page. If a filter is applied, a circle displays next to the filter icon indicating the number of filters that have been set, for example:

To apply a filter:

  1. On the Prediction history page, click Filter to open the Filter panel.
  2. Use the toggle to turn on the required filter and complete the information to find the model. You can apply multiple filters at the same time.

    The available filters are:



    Correlation ID

    Enter the correlation identification number for the prediction. The Correlation ID can be obtained from the automation request that used the model.

    Model result

    Enter the model prediction outcome value that you are looking for. The outcome values are defined on the model. For more information, see Defining your model.

    Time stamp

    Enter a date range:

    • In the first field, select the earliest date.
    • In the second field, select the latest date.

    This displays any prediction outcomes that were provided by the model during this date range.

    The Prediction history page immediately displays any records that match the information you have entered.

    If you have set the filters but want to view the unfiltered information again, either click Reset filters in the panel, or turn off the required filters, or remove any settings within the filter so that it is blank.

  3. Click Close drawer to close the filter panel.