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Wireframer allows you to efficiently define business objects that can be used as part of an automation process. The benefits of designing using this methodology is that it allows the Automation Designer to rapidly deploy business objects and actions that will form the structure of the business process being automated. The simplicity in the plugin allows the definition of these business objects and actions, along with best practice techniques, to ensure that enterprise grade automations are always built.

This user guide covers Wireframer, a plugin within Hub which is part of the Blue Prism platform.

Wireframer can be found under the Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM) section of Hub. By utilizing Wireframer, automation developers can create a skeleton of the automation which will adhere to Blue Prism’s best practice. It is assumed as part of this guide that the user is familiar with Blue Prism digital workforce and has experience with components such as Hub and Blue Prism.

To use the full functionality of Wireframer, Blue Prism 6.4.0 or later is required.