Plugin management

Plugin management displays the details of the installed plugins, some of these are available by default during the installation process. You can manage your existing plugins, update them and add new plugins. This area is only available if you are an administrator.

Plugins are the heart of SS&C | Blue Prism® Hub and are self-contained features that can be individually installed and customized to provide information about your automated processes. Some plugins also provide development tools to assist in the building of automations.

To open the Plugin management page, click your profile icon to open the Settings page, and then click Plugin management.

View installed plugins

When you open Plugin management, the currently installed plugins are displayed. The plugin name, an extract from the description and the version numbers are shown. To view:

  • More information about a plugin, click Details.
  • Information about any updates, click Updates. Note that this feature is not currently available for Hub on-premises.
  • Information about any upcoming or pending license renewals, click Renewals. If any plugins require a license renewal, a number is shown next to the Renewals link showing the number of updates. If no number is shown, there are no renewals.

Add a plugin

When a plugin is installed, the website will automatically restart. It is therefore essential that the installation of plugins is performed out of hours or during maintenance windows.

  1. On the Plugin management page, click Add plugin.

    The Open dialog displays to enable you to find a local file.

  2. Navigate to, and select, the plugin file and click Open.

    The plugin file uploads and installs. The website automatically restarts to complete the installation.

Update plugins

When an update is available, a number appears next to the Updates link.

This functionality is only available for Hub on-premises installations immediately following an upgrade. The on-premises version is unable to check for updates online between upgrades.

  1. On the Plugin management page, click Updates.

    The potential updates display showing details of the new version.

  2. Click Update all to update all the plugins.

    A message displays confirming the plugins have been updated.

  3. Click OK.

    The site restarts.

Uplift license

The Uplift license option is only available when there has been an update to the licensing model used by a plugin between released versions. It enables you to load a new license for your plugin outside of the normal renewal period.

  1. On the Plugin management page, click Installed.

    The installed plugins display.

  2. Click Uplift license for the required plugin. In the example above, the option appears for Automated lifecycle.

    The Renew license key panel displays.

  3. Upload a valid license and click Finish to apply.

Renew plugins

You are given 14 days notice before the license is due to expire.

  1. On the Plugin management page, click Renewals.

    The expiring plugins display.

  2. Click Renew next to the required plugin.
  3. Upload a valid license and click Finish to apply.