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Blue Prism brings together the principles of cloud, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) designed to automate and digitize the execution of knowledge-based work. Digital workers are deployed into business operations and work by emulating the way people use business systems, the decisions they make and the processes they follow, to augment, replace, or digitize manual work processes.

As the digital workforce landscape matures in an organization, operators and sponsors need to scale their approaches and methodologies to manage their automation investment. Management information on the digital workforce needs to be transparent across the business and intuitive to interpret, in addition best-practices need to be monitored to ensure alignment to industry standards. Blue Prism® Hub provides new and existing Blue Prism users with a productivity platform for the management of the automation lifecycle. Hub caters for the individual roles within the robotic operating model (ROM) with a set of capabilities to ensure the successful, scalable delivery of an automation strategy.

Hub has been created as a lightweight ‘empty’ application which is then populated by a series of plugins or features. This forms what is referred to as the plugin architecture which allows the Blue Prism team to iterate features and make them available for consumption by Hub administrators.

Each Hub instance contains a Plugin Repository page that allows administrators to view and deploy new plugins as well as update existing plugins.

This user guide is split into two key sections, the administration interface and the use of the individual plugins from a user perspective.