Configure Decipher IDP

Ensure you have installed the prerequisites before installing Blue Prism Decipher IDP.

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This is the final step in the Decipher IDP installation process. If you intend to use the optional Natural Language Processing (NLP) plugin, see the Install the Natural Language Processing (NLP) plugin.

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Configure Decipher IDP

Log In and Set Up Decipher IDP Admin

Videos for previous versions

Decipher IDP 1.2

Previously, this information was contained in multiple videos. These should be viewed in order:

  1. Configure SQL Permissions for Decipher IDP.
  2. Configure Windows Authentication for Decipher IDP.
  3. Configure Connection Parameters for Decipher IDP.
  4. Activate sites and check services for Decipher IDP.
  5. Log into Decipher IDP and Create Shortcut.

Online documentation: Configure Decipher IDP and Log In and Set Up Decipher IDP Admin.