Install Blue Prism

If you are using Blue Prism with Citrix VDE, watch Install Blue Prism for use with Citrix VDE.

This video demonstrates the installation of an earlier version of Blue Prism 7. You can use the video as guidance, but there will be some differences in Blue Prism 7.3.

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If you are just installing Blue Prism, your process is complete.

If you want to use Decipher IDP, Hub, Interact, ALM, Authentication Server, and/or Control Room plugin, you must install a number of prerequisites starting with Install Erlang.

If you want to use Authentication Server with Blue Prism, you must install Microsoft Edge WebView2 locally on any machine that runs the Blue Prism interactive client.

Online documentation

Install Blue Prism Enterprise Edition

Videos for previous versions

Blue Prism 7.0

Online help: Install Blue Prism