Service Assist

Service Assist is a digital workforce that provides attended automation and end-to-end digital services inside today’s contact center ecosystem. It delivers the power of intelligent automation to customer contact centers helping free up agents, so they can be more productive, responsive, empathetic and engaging, to better serve customers.

We are preparing the End of Life for versions 2020.2 through 2022.1 of Service Assist. Please refer to the list below for the specific dates when Mainstream Support will terminate for corresponding versions:

  • Mainstream Support for 2020.2 will end as of April 1, 2024
  • Mainstream Support for 2021.1 will end as of April 1, 2024
  • Mainstream Support for 2022.1 will end as of June 1, 2025

The tiles above are for the latest version of Service Assist. Earlier versions are also available, click here for more information.

Earlier versions of documentation

Our documentation systems are updated for each new release and a new version is created for every major and minor release. To select the documentation for a different release, click the Select version drop-down and select the required version.

Earlier releases to download

Earlier releases of Service Assist can be downloaded from the Blue Prism Portal. On the latest download page for Service Assist, you will find a link to the previous release. Click the link to access the installers for the earlier release.