Decipher IDP


Decipher IDP requires the following components:


The information below describes each required component with links to downloads, documentation, and videos. It is recommended that the components are installed in the order shown below.

The documentation and videos are only available in English.

The videos can be used to provide guidance for other versions of the software, but there may be differences in the content and screens. For the installation instructions for the version you require, refer to the documentation.

A. Install Erlang

Erlang is a prerequisite for the installation of Decipher IDP.

B. Install RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ is a prerequisite for the installation of Decipher IDP.

C. Install IIS

IIS is a prerequisite for the installation of Decipher IDP and must be installed on the web server.

A. Install Blue Prism Enterprise

Decipher IDP is compatible with Blue Prism 6.6 or later. If you do not already have Blue Prism installed, you will need to install it.

B. Create Decipher IDP database and license

Create a Blue Prism database for use with Decipher IDP – you will need to reference this when installing the Decipher Licensing Service. Also, add the license for Decipher IDP into Blue Prism.

C. Add the Decipher DLL

The Decipher DLL needs to be copied to the Blue Prism install location for all Blue Prism interactive clients and runtime resources using Decipher IDP.

D. Import the Decipher VBO and bprelease file

To use Decipher IDP in your processes, import the Decipher VBO and bprelease file. The release file contains a number of pre-built processes.

A. Install Decipher Licensing Service

The Decipher Licensing Service accesses the Blue Prism database and allows Decipher to retrieve licensing information.

B. Install Decipher Server

The central hub for the Decipher system.

C. Install the Decipher Web Client

Provides a graphical user interface to the Decipher system and enables document and class verification.

D. Install the Decipher Automated Client

Responsible for the core functionality of Decipher, including OCR and data extraction.

E. Install the Decipher Server Plugin

Responsible for exporting completed batch back to Blue Prism via RabbitMQ.

F. Configure Decipher

When you have installed the Blue Prism and Decipher IDP components, you need to complete a number of configuration steps before you can get started.

G. Set up Decipher IDP administrator

When you log onto Decipher IDP for the first time, you should change the default admin user credentials to secure your installation, and create any other administrators you need.

H. Install the Natural Language Processing (NLP) plugin

This is an optional component for Decipher IDP, required for Natural Language Processing feature. The NLP plugin, GPU, and the Decipher automated client must be installed on the same machine.