Delivering security excellence

Blue Prism® is the world’s leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and methodologies for large scale enterprise deployments. We have customers utilizing our software to automate processes in several different vertical industries, across a large number of applications.

The company is dedicated to providing the world’s best process automation software for the world’s most demanding environments and has been recognized by the analyst and media community for our achievements.

Blue Prism RPA software was built in partnership with large enterprise corporations in regulated industries, specifically to address the critical requirements of scalability, flexibility, security, governance, auditability, and compliance.

This document gives an overview of our Secure Development Process (SDP). It describes the methodologies and best practices undertaken by Blue Prism during development and maintenance in order to underpin our customer’s secure development requirements for software engineering.

Blue Prism ensures that its secure product developer process is fully understood by all relevant employees relating to the product development process, and that its procedures are implemented and maintained at all times. The secure product development process is periodically and systematically reviewed.